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    Above And Beyond Red Sea

    Above and beyond red sea represent a prime investment option for first or second home owners, given the high quality of residential development by a range of community services and amenities; designed to foster an environment where one can live, work , play and enjoy.

    We are a top Real estate advisors with many Years of experience, We're gonna take you to new destinations you’ve never thought it exists in Egypt providing the highest quality of real estate and consultancy solutions tailored for your need to Own your dream home and Explore many attracting islands and Enjoying more than 100 facilities offered by Red Sea boutique destination.

    We are offering a top rated Properties for New homes & Future investment especially if you are searching for water front Studios,panoramic sea view apartments Or exceptional seaside stand alone villas!

    Our Vision to be the leading real estate consultants in the Middle East & Europe providing our unique expertise and premium service excellence to our customers.

    Above & Beyond Red Sea Offered properties will definitely be your finest escape where you can combine living with relaxation and have the best experience to enjoy the essence of life.


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    • 15 Amin Anees,Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
    • Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada, Egypt